Today, 30% of the internet is covered with the WordPress open source CMS, becoming the most powerful tool to manage the content on the websites. Since the initiation in 2003, WordPress now has become the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the industry. It is now used on the million websites, to which a large number of audiences across the world visit them every day. As the platform is getting huge, there have been the number of updates to make it easy for the user to manage the content on the website. Recently, WordPress have announced WordPress 5.0 release and trust us, our developers can’t keep calm! Across the world, WordPress developers are rejoicing the new features and we will be discussing the same here in the blog.

WordPress 5.0 features:

Gutenberg Editor & Plugin
This is the most exciting feature in the WordPress 5.0 version. It is the most awaited feature in the WordPress and it is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable printing press. It is one of the most profound transition in the WordPress for the simple user experience.

The current visual editor has a lot of shortcodes and the HTML, thus making the work look little lengthier than it should not be. The Gutenberg editor makes it easy for the developer to edit the visual presentation with the direct optimization of the manipulations.

The goal of the Gutenberg editor is to make the WordPress easy for everyone, including the WordPress beginners. At the same time, Gutenberg makes it easy for the developer to add the rich content in a simple yet enjoyable way. Along with creating the content through the Gutenberg editor, you can even develop the layouts as well.

Security update
Website security is the major concern for the developers and the business enterprises because any threat or flaw can be proven to be dangerous for the growth of the business. To protect the essential data, WordPress has introduced the security features in the WordPress 5.0 version.

There are certain security updates such as:
Recommendation of the SSL certificates for hosting websites.
Two-factor authentication.
Application passwords.
It is likely that WordPress will continue to improve the security features in the future for the safety of the digital world.

Front-end Editor
For the last moment content modifications on the website, you can directly edit the post right on the page with the front-end editor. Unlike the editor from the older WordPress version, the updated one will function almost equal to the touchscreen of the smartphone.
Visual composer is the leading front-end editor plugin on the WordPress. Now since the front-end editor will be introduced in the WordPress 5.0, it is expected to be light and fast than the visual composer. Though both will be different in function and performance; front-end editor and visual composer.

Mobile optimization
WordPress 5.0 has made it easy for the mobile users as well. The WordPress authorities are trying to improve the user experience for the mobile users as well as for the developers. The distance between the desktop and mobile user are going small, therefore it has become mandatory for the business to provide the better access to their websites on both devices. Now, the majority of the WordPress themes are also responsive on the mobile.

Cropping background image
Before it was manual and little long process to crop the background image for the website on the WordPress. The latest release, 5.0 gives the developer/ user to modify the image before making it live on the website, thus saving the time while changing the background image.