What is Event Blogging?
Blogs that are specially designed and created by bloggers to rank on the first page of any search engine for any particular event of a year. The main purpose here is to get targeted traffic so that you have to put content and material only related to your niche/topic.

What is Event Blogging or Event Niche Blog?
Event blogging means micro niche blogging, where bloggers write on a specific topic.
Event-based niche blogs are the blogs are mostly focusing on an upcoming event, festival or special day. Event blogging guide is all about taking the advantage of receiving the huge amount of traffic on target event in short span of time. It is not a Long-term blog you just have to work only for 30 to 40 days.

Event Blogging: What It Is and How to Make Money
You might have noticed that event blogging is a very popular activity amongst bloggers; that’s because of its ability to generate income without having to invest large amounts of time—that precious commodity—money, effort and maintenance.

It never hurts to be familiar with all of the different ways there are to make extra money online, so that’s why today I’m taking up the subject of Event Blogging, and we’re going to explore what it is, how you can make money out of it, and what’s the best way to get started.

The content that’s featured on these blogs is meant to cover the essentials of the event, so it answers questions such as:
What is this event about?
Why it is observed?
When and where does it take place?
Who’s interested in it?
How to enjoy it?

How to Earn Money from Event Blogging?
So now comes the earning part, when you post the articles and done the SEO. Now check the ranking of your site in search engines, if you are ranking then you can make huge money and if not then build some more links to rank.
Now how to earn money from event blog? You can earn money via below ad networks from your event blog. Just 1 day before the event place ads on your blog and keep ads 1 day after the event. You will earn huge money, I highly recommend Google AdSense for event blogs as it gives really good results. But you can also use the below networks too.

Google AdSense (recommend)
Affiliate Marketing
CPA Offers
Your Own Product
Or any other ad network

Affiliate Marketing or CPA offers also really pays good as on Valentine you can sell many things just check the amazon or any other good affiliate source and find the products related to your event and promote them.

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