CSS3 is the latest update to the widely used Cascading Style Sheets coding language. It is essentially one of the sets of building blocks from which almost any website can be built today. This latest evolution of the language comes with hundreds of important innovations, allowing coders to manipulate their sites in ways that were either impossible or much more difficult to achieve in earlier versions of CSS.

Having got a detailed idea of CSS3 and its features with some of the vital attributes of CSS3 to let us see the advantages or uses of CSS3 in brief in this section. There are numerous and variety of areas in which CSS3 makes it mark and thus users find it one of the comfortable and powerful tools for usage thus making it a reason for its popularity. Let us see some of the important advantages and uses of CSS3 in detail.

What’s the Difference Between HTML And CSS?
Anyone can build a website using HTML alone, but it won’t look as good or works as fluidly without CSS. Think of it this way; if HTML is the ball and joints, CSS is the lubricant that makes both move easily and smoothly. You can build a website using one or the other, but using both will yield better results.

Advantages of CSS:
CSS helps to make the changes to the layout and design of the site very easily. The file size of the CSS is very small hence your website takes minimal loading time. The external CSS has made easy for the visitors who want to see only the content from the website. By creating the CSS, you can make the web design flexible.

Disadvantages of CSS:
CSS works differently on different browsers. IE and Opera support CSS as different logic.

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