Android is a software system package and UNIX operating system based mostly OS for mobile devices like pill computers and smartphones.
It is developed by Google and later the OHA (Open telephone set Alliance). Java language is especially wont to write the golem code although alternative languages will be used.
The goal of the golem project is to form a self-made real-world product that improves the mobile expertise for finish users.

Android initially came into existence with the sure-fire idea that developments are given the power and freedom to create enthralling Mobile applications while taking advantage of everything that the mobile handset has to offer.

Advantage of Android

1. Low Investment & High ROI
Android comparatively has a low barrier to entry. Android provides freely its Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developer community which minimizes the development and licensing costs.
The development costs can be divided into three stages:
1  Application development,
2 Testing
3 Hardware cost for testing and deploying the android mobile application.

2. Open Source
Get the open source advantage from licensing, royalty-free, and the best technology framework offered by the Android community. The architecture of the Android SDK is open-source which means you can actually interact with the community for the upcoming expansions of android mobile application development. This is what makes the Android platform very attractive for handset manufacturers & wireless operators, which results in a faster development of Android-based phones, and better opportunities for developers to earn more. That’s the magic of Android.

3. Android Multitasking
Most of us love this feature of the android. Users can do lots of tasks at once. Users can open several applications at once and manage them all too. Android has great UI which makes easy for users to do multitasking.

4. Google Play Store App free Download for Android – Millions of Apps
The best part of the Android is the availability of millions of applications. Google Play store is reported as the world’s largest mobile store. It has almost everything from movies to games and much more. These things can be easily downloaded and accessed through an Android phone.

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