Sales include “operations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services.”
Marketing includes “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.”

Steps to Successful Sales & Marketing.

1. PLAN: Ask Questions, Collect Data, Choose a Direction
We believe the best creative solutions come from ongoing collaboration with our clients. We begin with a strategy kickoff session with our team and your key decision-makers to learn all that we can about your company’s struggles, goals, competition, and current approach. We’d like our staff to explain the plan as well as your internal team can.

2. CREATE: Bring Marketing from Concept to Reality
Creating marketing materials is where Graphon really shines—as a marketing firm, we can help at any phase of the creative process. Need help developing the concept? We can do that. How about the actual design? Sure thing. Writing and editing? Yep, that too. Just ask our clients how they like the award-winning materials we’ve made for them.

3. Think like your customer
Having your customer at the heart of all your marketing decisions is vital to effective marketing. When it comes to choosing a brand to collaborate with, your customer is the best place to start. What brands does your customer base buy and interact with? What brands do they aspire to? Which ones complement your brand?
Identify all the brands that your consumer interacts with, and you will have a long list of brands that you can collaborate with to meet more customers like the ones you already have.

4. Feedback must be regular not just once a year.
Annual feedback reviews are not enough to influence changes to behaviour, for many companies they are merely a route to “score” an individual as a basis for salary reviews. Innovative companies are dropping these reviews in favour of continuous improvement that is focused on advancing the performance of the individual and company goals. Clear goals and strong coaching will help each person to achieve success but to be using this must be more regularly completed.

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