Shared Goals
It’s easier to pull your weight with shared goals. That’s why in the first step for a growth-oriented collaboration, marketing and sales should be issued with shared goals and KPIs, such as certain turnover goals or an increase of conversion rates. Shared goals require and foster some more intense communication and collaboration across sales and marketing departments.

Craft an effective brand voice
Now that everyone is on the same page about who they’re trying to reach, it’s time to put some thought into how you want to represent your brand in these conversations. Each department may have a different point of view on what the most important traits of your brand are. Putting your heads together could wield some surprising results. Maybe your IT department feels like innovation is an important aspect of your brand voice, and sales err more to the side of education. Putting these ideas together will give you a well-rounded brand voice that everyone can get behind.
Some key questions to ask are: What is the goal behind our communication strategy? How do we want to position ourselves within our industry? What tone of voice will most effectively reach our target audience, what do they want to hear?

Invest in the right technology
An aligned marketing and sales team has the same goals and metrics, which means they need a way to view progress together. A strong marketing automation software or customer relationship management system will be able to handle this. A shared dashboard allows both teams to understand pipelines and real-time metrics, allowing them to shape their strategies together. They can instantly share information, send notes back and forth, and pull reports from the same database. In fact, studies reveal that a vast majority of the highest performing companies provide marketers with access to the sales team’s CRM system.

Shared Dashboards
Shared dashboards which are accessible to the two teams allow them to have an overview of shared goals and current performance. This not only means more information but also additional motivation for the often quite competitive sales teams to push that bit more to reach the goals shared by all. It is also the place to put up incentive promotions, where the teams can track progress and celebrate their successes.