1. Don’t Underestimate First Impressions
When it comes to keeping your clients satisfied, the work begins when you first meet. In many cases, the client’s first impression of you can weigh heavily on their long-term satisfaction, so you need to be sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.
While discussing a project with a potential client, whether in person or on the phone, you need to be proactive about engaging with the client. Don’t let them do all the talking. Ask them specific questions about the project, including their expectations. A client that feels like you value their needs will be more likely to give you their business and be pleased with their decision.

2. Use the words they love to hear
Not all words are created equal. Certain persuasive words encourage customers to buy more than others, in particular: free, new, and instantly. When customers hear these words (and the promises they imply are backed up), they’ll enjoy their purchases more than they would have otherwise.

3. Ask for – and react to – feedback
It’s a good idea to ask your clients for feedback on how well you’re performing. If they’d prefer to hear from you more often, or would like more face to face meetings, then act on that. Being seen to be a proactive and flexible person is likely to make them want to keep you on or use you when filling their next vacancy.

4. Go above and beyond
Do more than what is asked or what is planned to do. In work life, we can get so focused on the day-to-day grind that we lose sight of the main point, which is that we’re all in this together. Step outside the proverbial box and jump in to help out when you’re good at something. Your skill set may be more than what’s been scoped for you, so think beyond your assigned role.

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