After a new year comes and goes, every business owner has the future on their mind. Sales projections, marketing campaigns, tax documents and other business activities are among the top priorities as they launch into 2018.

Blockchain’s Interruption of New Industries
Blockchain has already made a big impact on the banking industry, and this year, it will make its way into new industries. Everything from procurement to legal management will be looking to blockchain to increase security throughout the entire customer experience. For business leaders like me, we’ll need to keep our eyes on the horizon for opportunities to integrate new technology like this into our business processes.

Social Shopping
Social shopping seems to be on the rise. This holiday season will be a telling sign of the growth in this trend in 2018 and beyond. It will change how we think about selling products and services because it is a relatively new channel that requires a different approach. There are challenges and opportunities to research, track and respond to

At the moment, the trend of cryptocurrencies is at the peak of its popularity, which means that more and more people are actively using it. Now, if there’s one problem that e-commerce retailers encounter on a daily basis, it is a high cart abandonment rate, that comes from a slow or inefficient checkout system. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies offer a speedy, secure and reliable way to complete this transaction, therefore eliminating this problem in its root.

Consolidation of enterprise technology
Postmodern ERP has taken its toll. In the counter-trend, successful companies will consolidate numerous disconnected enterprise applications into fewer, more centralized platforms to streamline their processes, improve insights, and increase business agility. Having a core platform promotes data sharing across departments, increasing the pace of business, and arming teams with the tools and insights required to successfully tackle new market dynamics. In 2018, rather than stringing together “best-of-breed” workloads with countless integrations in between, expect to see successful companies consolidating around the master customer record and customer journey.