1. Know what you do and what you don’t do.
Some of the best advice I learned early on was don’t try to be all things to all people, because it typically means you are not very good at any one thing. As such, I believe that it is a mistake to take on far-reaching service offerings, develop products outside your comfort zone or expand outside of your target markets just to make a few extra bucks. When you do that, you jeopardize your true strength to focus on what you may not be successful at and create undue pressures for your team, your budgets, and your company as a whole.

2. Identify new opportunities.
Analyze new opportunities in your business by understanding you’re demographic better. Understand everything from distribution channels to your direct competitors and even an analysis of foreign markets and other potential industries. There are likely dozens of new opportunities you could pursue immediately with the proper amount of analysis.

3. Stay focused on the prize.
We have always tried to be very strategic in our approach to growth. We set three-year business plans, track against those plans, and modify them when necessary. I believe that if you don’t set goals you have no way of measuring yourself, your team and your company against some pre-determined objectives. When everyone understands in a very crystal-clear way what the overall goals of the organization are, it allows everyone to rally together and take pride in successfully accomplishing them.

4. Adapt to A Mobile Market.
Today’s market is dominated by mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Laptops are more technically of that “Desktop” format websites have been conventionally designed for over the last twenty years. With mobile devices that primarily utilize touchscreen technology, different software is necessary.
You need to make your e-commerce platform applicable to the mobile market. People do a lot of shopping on their phones these days, and if your website can navigate mobile markets by itself being easy to use from mobile devices, you can definitely see some profit. If you haven’t yet adapted to a mobile market, it would be very wise to do so.

5. Use Online Marketing to Attract Traffic.
One of the most important advantages of an SEO campaign is such a campaign’s ability to measure ROI, as well as effective statistics related to it. When you know where your online marketing efforts are most successful, you can properly expand operations such that you’re able to encourage that success.

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