The one thing that stays the same in business is…nothing stays the same. New hardware, software, services and other technologies are coming at a breakneck pace and all of these changes will have a significant impact on commerce, the global economy and individual businesses within the next few years.

Future Tech Trends that will change Tomorrow’s Business.

Many of us are familiar with ‘3G’ and ‘4G’ on our devices, and we can expect an inevitable jump to ‘5G’ coming soon. This change, however, promises far more than an arbitrary number change.
Quick history lesson: The ‘80s saw ‘1G’ allowing for the first truly mobile telecommunications (think brick phones), with ‘2G’ in the ‘90s upping the game from analogue to digital, by sending and receiving small media files on the go. The 2000’s brought about ‘3G’, allowing for video calls, location services and mobile access to the internet for the first time. As we watched smartphones take over the globe throughout the 2010’s, ‘4G’ pushed things into high definition with faster speeds and more comprehensive data access.
You will notice an upgrade every 10 years or so. Given that an update is on the horizon.

Here’s why the next generation of mobile networking will matter to you:
5G has been reported to hold theoretical speeds of 1-10Gbps. To put that into context, 5G could be 1000 times faster than 4G’s 100Mbps. Moreover, 5G will operate in a higher frequency spectrum than previous networks, with government proposals citing 90% national coverage within 4 years of its introduction. 1ms latency means virtually instantaneous response times to the estimated 50-100 billion connected devices, allowing for capabilities unlike ever before.

Driverless cars
5G drastically pushes the concept of truly driverless cars as a very real reality. Always connected ‘smart’ cars would allow for leisure, business and transportation journeys to be completely autonomous.
Fancy eating your breakfast during your commute to work? How about sleeping comfortably through the night as your travel to a destination 100 miles away? 5G also lets vehicles communicate with each other, virtually eliminating traffic jams and vastly minimizing road accidents. This opens the door for companies to reduce lost time in travel and commuting, prompting a complete re-think for business operations.

The rise of the smart city
Just as 4G transformed phones into ‘smartphones’, 5G holds the ability to change cities into ‘smart cities’. This idea of a fully connected society is something which will likely bring about huge changes in the way people and businesses operate. Offices and homes will become “smart”, transforming the way your internal staff and remote employees travel, work, and connect. Planning how your business could fully utilize 5G will put you a step ahead of the competition in the years to come, as it’s an inevitable destination we’re all heading toward.